Dance Dance Dance@YOKOHAMA 2021

What’s Dance Dance Dance @ YOKOHAMA?

The City of Yokohama showcases the power of human creativity by hosting a three-year cycle of signature artistic and cultural festivals that celebrate contemporary art, dance, and music. This year’s festival is one of Japan’s largest dance galas, Dance Dance Dance @ YOKOHAMA, which brings together a full spectrum of genres.
The program features performances by top artists active in Japan and overseas, workshops where children learn from professional dancers, weekend street events where everyone can take part in diverse forms of dance, and other fun. Among the venues is a magical outdoor stage backdropped by the Port of Yokohama.

The city is the stage: Dance spaces everywhere

 The distinctively Yokohama program taps into the full power of the cityscape. The diverse lineup of events will be presented not only at theaters, but also on an outdoor stage set next to the beautiful port, and open spaces at shopping centers and in front of train stations.

Sharing the joy of dance with everyone: Creative inclusion

 In addition to encompassing all sorts of genres, the festival is designed to provide fun and engagement for everyone, regardless of nationality, gender, age, and disability.

Encounters with dance await kids: Creative children

 The festival will nurture the rich creativity and sensibilities of children—the future leaders of Yokohama—through events such as visiting lectures at schools, and workshops that will provide the rare opportunity to personally learn dance techniques from professional artists.

From Yokohama to the world: Global outreach

 Yokohama will share the festival’s creative content with the world, including new challenges undertaken by top artists, imaginative projects that transcend genres, and events that provide a taste of Japanese culture.